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Kunlun releases a new mobile game brand "GameArk"

2018-08-24 16:32:00

On August 24, 2018, Kunlun Group's game business brand launch conference was held in Beijing. Kunlun Games CEO Chen Fang officially announced that in order to better reflect the Kunlun Group's globalization strategy and the synergy of the group's business segments, the mobile game segment will launch an independent platform and brand: GameArk. The brand name Kunlun Games will no longer be used, while the business scope is getting expanded, and original products developed in house will all be included under the umbrella of the new platform.

The "Game" in GameArk naturally represents Kunlun's game business, and the word "Ark" is taken from Noah's Ark in the Bible. It means that the game business of Kunlun Group will be like Noah's Ark, carrying a variety of new species, building a platform with diverse game categories and a large reserve of new games, with the goal of further globalization and creating a brand new century. In a nutshell, at the core of GameArk are globalization, diversity, and new species.

Kunlun is one of the earliest and largest enterprises in China that specialize in mobile games. While continuing the advantages of its original core business, GameArk will explore ways to transform and to develop new product categories.