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Zhou Yahui, founder of Kunlun Tech, won the Bloomberg Businessweek "Innovative Entrepreneur” award

2021-12-10 14:53:00

On December 9-10, Bloomberg Businessweek China hosted the Year Ahead 2022 Summit in Shanghai, where business leaders from finance, consumer, and retail venture capital, as well as from technology, cultural and creative industries gathered to envision changes and rules of the business world in 2022. Zhou Yahui, founder of Kunlun Tech, was highly recognized by the summit as a so-called "New Business Citizen" and won the "Innovative Entrepreneur" Award.

Thirteen years ago, a company named Kunlun Tech was founded in Wudaokou, part of Beijing’s Haidian district. Under the guidance of its founders, Kunlun Tech transformed from a start-up with less than 50 people into a leading Chinese internet company leaving footprints across social media, entertainment, online payment solutions, news, investment and other fields in markets ranging from China, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, and elsewhere. Today, at the dawn of the global era, Kunlun Tech 's Opera and StarMaker have a first mover advantage and are poised to take off.

As a young man who started his business at Tsinghua University’s entrepreneurial park 21 years ago at the age of 22, he has experienced entrepreneurship in the Web1.0 era and subsequent innovations in the Web2.0 era, and now he continues to forge ahead as a pioneer in the Web3.0 era. During all this time, Zhou Yahui did not lose sight of the beginner's mindset, the dream to create together with like-minded people products that help to change the world, to realize internet infrastructure services in developing countries for more users, and therefore truly turning "technology changes life" into a reality. Kunlun Tech has provided a variety of internet services to more than 450 million users, 90% of whom are abroad.

Now as the global economy begins to move away from the dark moments of 2021 and towards recovery in 2022, the global economic growth is led by the digital economy and green renewable industry. Kunlun Tech continues to uphold its original aspiration and will fulfill its social responsibility and mission.