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Kunlun Tech Was included in the global famous innovation list MIC50: Top 50 Innovative Companies in the 21st century

2021-12-16 14:54:00

On December 15, 2021 MIC50: the top 50 innovative companies in the 21st century (FastCompany’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in China) was released. As a leading global internet platform company, Kunlun Tech has innovation advantages and a strong influence in its field, standing out from among listed companies to enter the top 50 national innovators of the 21st century. This list also includes other big players such as Tencent, Bilibili and Goertek Inc.

Since 2008, FastCompany presents the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World” annually, which has since become a prestigious award around the word.

As one of the leading internet platform companies in the world, Kunlun Tech has gradually formed five global business segments including Opera, an information distribution platform, Star Group, which is a voice social platform, Xianlaihuyu, an interactive entertainment platform, ArkGames,a mobile game platform, and Kunlun Capital, its technology equity investment arm. The market covered encompass China, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, and elsewhere, providing global Internet users with social networking, information, entertainment and other online services.

When awarding it with a list placement, FastCompany described Kunlun Tech "as the 'great ship at sea' in the online field. With a track record of sustainable development for many years, it showcased numerous excellent examples of success and brought inspiration to the industry and beyond“.