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Kunlun Tech was awarded the “Most Innovative Internet Service” award 2021 by Caijing Evergreen

2021-12-24 14:55:00

On December 23 2021, the Caijing Sustainable Development Summit and Evergreen award ceremony, themed "New Impetus for a carbon-neutral Economy", was held in Beijing. As a leading internet company, Kunlun Tech won the "Most Innovative Internet Service" Award of bestowed by Evergreen in 2021 by virtue of its excellent operation and innovative service abilities in overseas markets. Other selected enterprises also included China Merchants Bank, Hillhouse Investment, SF Holding, Hikvision, China Asset Management ChinaAMC, Vanke, etc.

In the winning comment of "Evergreen Award", Caijing magazine commented:

As a global leading Internet platform company, Kunlun Tech has five business areas including social networking, online payment solutions, entertainment, news, and investment, covering the markets of China, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Europe and elsewhere. By the end of June 2021, Kunlun Tech has nearly 450 million monthly active users, more than 90% of which are abroad. Innovating services is the key advantage of the company. 13 years down the line, Kunlun Tech still maintains its original intention, to innovate continuously. At the dawn of the global age, Kunlun Tech’s Opera and StarMaker have first mover advantage and are poised to take off. Opera, a subsidiary of Kunlun Tech, launched Opera GX, the world's first dedicated gaming browser, and accelerated its layout of a metaverse. In the future, China will also provide basic internet services to more users in developing countries, so that "science and technology can change our lives".

Kunlun Tech will continue to practice the concept of sustainable development, keeping innovation at the core of all development, staying true to our original aspiration, and to forge ahead and achieve a lasting success.