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Kunlun Tech won the "2021 Most Valuable Listed Company in New Economy" award

2021-12-31 14:58:00

On December 30, the 2021 Cailian Investment Summit and New Economic Forum, hosted by Cailian press, a subsidiary of Shanghai Press Group, was held in the city of Wuxi. The forum released its "2021 China Most Valuable Investment in New Economy" list, and Kunlun Tech was awarded the "2021 China Most Valuable Listed Company in New Economy" by virtue of the company’s growth, innovation and strategic foresight.

Since its listing in 2015, Kunlun Tech has maintained steady and upward performance growth, with clear corporate governance structure, a perfect management system, efficient operation mechanisms and a clear development strategy, and created a cumulative net profit of over 10 billion yuan for the shareholders.

By combining its traditional advantages and cutting into the domestic and international internet platform business, Kunlun Tech has gradually built a business moat in recent years and improved its competitive barriers, enabling the company to enjoy a leading position and voice in the market segments it operates in. In the future, the company will continue to focus on increasing the number of active users and market share as its core goal, improve its sustainable business ability, and reach more internet users worldwide through links between the various platforms.