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Kunlun Tech released the " SkyAgents" platform, zero code to build AI agents

2023-12-01 17:03:00

On December 1, Kunlun Tech officially released the "SkyAgents" platform to help the large model enter thousands of households. "SkyAgents" is a leading AI Agents development platform in China, built on the SkyWork AI, with the ability of independent learning and independent thinking from perception to decision, and from decision to execution. Users can build their own single or multiple "personal assistants" through natural language. The different tasks are modular, through the way of operating system modules, the implementation including question presetting, designated reply, knowledge base creation and retrieval, intent recognition, text extraction, HTTP requests, and other tasks.

On the SkyAgents platform, users can deploy their own AI Agents in a few minutes through natural language and simple operation without code programming, and complete several private customization needs such as industry research reports, bill filling, trademark design, and even fitness plans and travel and flight booking.

For enterprise users, "SkyAgents" can be assembled into enterprise IT, intelligent customer service, enterprise training, HR, legal counsel, and many other personalized applications on demand, and support one-click service deployment to ensure seamless access in different business systems.