Bringing happiness to users all over the world is our core value concept.

We are committed to creating the most cutting-edge entertainment and social media technology products, in order to create and spread happiness.

Being creative and passionate are the core advantages of our team.

The sunny and energetic team work together to make creative products that bring moments of surprise, joy and happiness for hundreds of millions of users.

Concentrating on understanding and exploring the needs of users in different parts of the world, expanding market segments, and polishing products patiently and meticulously.

We have teams in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.Our teams gradually form a comprehensive and open culture.

Kunlun has different business segments such as information distribution, social audio networking, casual games, technology equity investment, with businesses all over the world, providing diversified opportunities for global employees.

Kunlun operates canteens that offer delicious local cuisine available daily, with a self-service buffet with a wide range of options and selected special dishes to meet our employees' individual taste preferences.

A gym is available with advanced equipment + daily prize-winning competitions + workplace health care projects + employee physical examinations, to care comprehensively for the health of all employees wishing to improve their physical fitness, which is also a good way to better keep up with the stress of sedentary office work.

Diversified and enriching team building projects are held all over the world, to relax both body and mind, and also enhance team cohesion and creativity.